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Born and raised in the quaint town of Johnsonville, SC, I've since settled into the vibrant and charming community of Pawleys Island, a place I've proudly called home for the past seven years. When not navigating the dynamic world of real estate, you can find me living the full and rewarding life of a family man, kept on my toes by my beautiful wife and energetic toddler. My passions extend to hunting, fishing, golfing, surfing, and most of all, enjoying beach-time adventures with my little one. My entrance into real estate was sparked by my desire to help others discover their own slice of paradise, just as I did years ago. I'm committed to simplifying the complexities of the home buying and selling process, promising a dedicated and personable approach. I'm grateful you've taken the time to visit my website, and eagerly look forward to guiding you towards achieving your real estate goals! 

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